NASA DEVELOP's Virtual Poster Session for summer 2015

DEVELOP, NASA’s Applied Sciences’ Capacity Building Program, organizes a Virtual Poster Session (VPS) for this summer 2015 where participants can send their projects on Earth observation (EO), disaster risks, water monitoring, mapping invasive species distribution and environmental concerns. It features 178 researchers across 15 DEVELOP locations, who carry out 38 projects.

The participant projects need to analyse societal and scientific dilemmas and discover ways in which these issues can be better forecasted, monitored or mitigated through the application of NASA EO.

The competition consists of two rounds. The first round is between July 31 and August 11, and the second one between August 14 and 25. The participants will have dialogue with Earthzine readers in a blogging competition sponsored by Esri. After the first round, judges will choose a project in each category and after the second one they will elect the grand-prize winner on August 29. The selection criteria are based on scientific merit, creativity and communication skills.

The projects can provide useful information to end-users on enhanced decision-support instruments via the integrated use of NASA’s suite of Earth-observing satellites and airborne missions.

For additional information, visit NASA’s DEVELOP website