Indonesia: UN-SPIDER organizes stakeholders meeting

In parallel to the United Nations/Indonesia International Conference on Integrated Space Technology Applications to Climate Change facilitated by UNOOSA, UN-SPIDER organized a one-day stakeholder meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia on 3 September 2013. The meeting was organized jointly with LAPAN, UN-SPIDER's Regional Support Office in Indonesia.

The stakeholders meeting, which was part of UN-SPIDER Technical Advisory Support (TAS) efforts, focused on the utilization of space-based information for disaster risk management. This meeting was attended by over 25 key stakeholders of the disaster management community in Indonesia, including two UN agencies (OCHA and WFP), ASEAN Humanitarian Agency, the Pacific Disaster Centre, the National Disaster Reduction Centre of China and the German Aerospace Center.

The Deputy Chairman of Remote Sensing Affairs of Indonesia, Mr Taufik Maulana, inaugurated the meeting and participated in the discussions. The meeting started with formal presentations from UN-SPIDER and other key stakeholder agencies. The discussion sessions focused on several issues that require urgent attention by all key stakeholders.

The TAS meeting was successful in bringing together all key stakeholders, discuss key issues that needed attention and plan interventions in 2014 with the help of international organisations.

Read the report by the Pacific Disaster Center on the Stakeholder meeting.