Advisory Support

What does UN-SPIDER offer to Member States through their Technical Advisory Support?

UN-SPIDER was created in 2006 after recognizing that disaster risk management and emergency response communities, particularly in emerging countries, were not fully utilizing space-based technology. 

Why is that? Those in charge of both disaster risk management or emergency response efforts may not yet recognize the usefulness of space-based information, as reflected in the lack of policies promoting the use of such information. Additionally, practitioners might not be aware of where and how they can access space-derived data. Furthermore, even if disaster managers are aware of the advantages of satellite-technologies and know the existing mechanisms to access such data, they might not necessarily have the capacities to extract the data that could be useful and to apply it to their specific situation. Finally, they might not have the necessary facilities, hardware, or software to access and subsequently process the data.

Recognizing this existing deficit, UN-SPIDER is aiming at bridging the gap with its Technical Advisory Support. The goal is to ensure that all countries recognize the value of all types of space-based information to prevent and mitigate disasters, and use them effectively when challenged with natural hazards and related humanitarian crises. There are three types of Technical Advisory Support that UN-SPIDER carries out:

Training Activities:

UN-SPIDER's Training activities are part of our Capacity Building efforts and aim at strengthening the capacity of individuals and institutions related to the use of space-based information to prevent, to mitigate, and to react effectively to the challenges posed by natural hazards and humanitarian crises.

Emergency Support:

UN-SPIDER's Emergency Support targets immediate emergencies and disasters. In such cases, UN-SPIDER will, upon request, activate its network of Regional Support Offices and other partners to make space-based data and services accessible, as well as derived products such as maps.

Advisory Missions:

To make sure that all interested stakeholders can benefit from space-based information in the most effective way possible, UN-SPIDER provides Technical Advisory Support to Member States through missions. These missions include Technical Advisory Missions, Institutional Strengthening Missions and Expert Missions.

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