IGAC: Development of a Spectral Library

UN-SPIDER's Regional Support Office in Colombia, the Geographic Institute Agustín Codazzi (IGAC), through their Research and Investigation Centre (CIAF), has been working on a spectral library project. It includes research on spectrometry applied to the analysis of land cover (water bodies, soil and minerals, vegetation and island areas), in order to build spectral libraries for each type of land cover. The project will result in a large database of spectral signatures, which can be used in digital processing of remote sensing images.

By characterizing the spectral response of each of the cover types studied, the project opens a wide range of geomatics applications in the area of risk management, environmental characterization, monitoring of vegetation cover, precision agriculture, and many others.

The spectral data will be accessible through a web application or web viewer, which allows for consultation and exchange of information with other national and international research groups.

Contact: Alexander Ariza (PhD candidate), Sergio Rojas (Specialist Remote Sensing Group) and Mauricio Ramirez (Department Leader - hmramirez [at] igac.gov.co (subject: Spectral%20Library%20Project) (hmramirez[at]igac[dot]gov[dot]co)).