Google: Mapping climate change in Google Earth

MyReadingMapped is a website providing interactive maps on historic events and other interesting facts using Google Earth, for example shipwrecks locations, environmental disasters or oceanic trenches and underwater phenomena. Now, they have launched a series of climate change maps including one called "The rise, fall, and migration of civilization due to climate change“, as Google Earth Blog reported.

The blog quoted the author of the map: "Recently I discovered there is a lot of interest online concerning migration and the collapse civilization due to climate change. Just Google it and see the large volume of articles predicting the short-term future. However, one of the things these articles do not do well is discuss how climate change occurred in the past. Which leave a big opening for the anti-global warming crowd to challenge it. They all to some degree mention specific events but none do so to any great extent. They mainly focus on the future. However, these white papers and articles are less convincing because they don’t emphasize the past enough. So I decided to cover as many as I could find and created a Google Map of The Rise, Fall and Migration of Civilization Due To Climate Change."

Another map includes "The Geography of the Köppen Climate Classification System" enabling visitors to see whether today’s weather matches the Köppen Climate Classification System of more than 100 years ago if they turn on Google Map’s weather feature.