Colombia: IGAC holds workshop on remote sensing for floods and landslides

In order to transfer knowledge between institutions engaged in research, development and application of remote sensing and spatial information systems, the Codazzi-IGAC and Geographic Research Centre Application Professional (CIAF) gave a workshop on the use of remote sensing images in the case of floods and landslides on 3 October 2014. The workshop took place during the XVI International Symposium SELPER 2014. SELPER is the "Society of Latin American Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems Specialist".

The experts of CIAF trained participants in the use of remote sensing in the detection and analysis of floods and mass movements. The exercise was based on a case study from a project with Corantioquia, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Antioquia.

IGAC has been host to a UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office since 2011.