Floods in Cameroon

Floods in the Extreme North of Cameroon.

The 2019 rainy season in the Far North region of Cameroon has caused the Logone river to overflow and flood Zina district in the Logone-et-Chari department. According to media reports, the floods have left at least 100.000 people on both sides of border between Cameroon and Chad. While the rainy season in Cameroon typically takes place between May and September, this year's heavy rains have continued throughout October.

UN-SPIDER has requested the activation of the International Charter Space and Major Disasters for the floods in Cameroon on behalf of the Department of Civil Protection (DPC). SERTIT is acting as the project manager for this activation.

In July 2019, UN-SPIDER conducted an Institutional Strengthening Mission to Cameroon and ran a workshop focussing on making use of space-derived information products during emergency situations. To support the mission, UN-SPIDER compiled relevant data sources and step-by-step procedures in a digital booklet available online.

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