A new strategy to introduce SDI initiatives in Government of Punjab, Pakistan


The Government of Punjab, Pakistan has taken a giant step towards implementation of SDI frame work in Punjab in absence of a National SDI.  It is a long journey and needs proper direction and guidance all along the way. Any ambitious efforts to reach the destination by adopting a shorter route may lead to a wrong direction. This effort is only possible through joint efforts and obtaining help from the already experienced SDI community. The problem of introducing Iris™  (Name of Punjab Spatial Data Infrastructure) has manifold effects, firstly behavioral response for not accepting change and secondly lack of trained GIS/IT man power at all levels. The first is being addressed through psychologically playing with masses by hammering already known terminology to them and that is word “Map” and “Map Catalogue”. Once the people are comfortable with this terminology, a trail of activities has been done. The activities includes developing of  standardized symbology, arranging workshops and trainings, formulating policies,creation of base maps. Iris™ is an endeavor of Government of Punjab to bring in the best of breed of technology for good governance, efficient, effective and informed decision making using space based technologies.