Flood and Landslide Applications of Near Real-Time Satellite Rainfall Products

By Christopher Mehl | Mon, 31 Jan 2011 - 15:03


Floods and associated landslides account for the largest number of natural disasters and affect more people than any other type of natural disaster. With the availability of satellite rainfall analyses at fine time and space resolution, it has also become possible to mitigate such hazards on a near-global basis. In this article, a framework to detect floods and landslides related to heavy rain events in near-real-time is proposed. Key components of the framework are: a fine resolution precipitation acquisition system; a comprehensive land surface database; a hydrological modeling component; and landslide and debris flow model components. A key precipitation input dataset for the integrated applications is the NASA TRMM-based multi-satellite precipitation estimates. This dataset provides near real-time precipitation at a spatial-temporal resolution of 3 h and 0.258 x 0.258. In combination with global land surface datasets it is now possible to expand regional hazard modeling components into a global identification/monitoring system for flood/landslide disaster preparedness and mitigation.

Hong, Y. et al. (2006): Flood and Landslide Applications of Near Real-Time Satellite Rainfall Products. Natural Hazards, Vol. 43, No. 2, 285-294.

Yang Hong