WorldView-3: First images available

On 13 August 2014, the technology provider DigitalGlobe launched its new WorldView-3 satellite, an Earth Observation satellite with 27 super-spectral bands. On 21 August, DigitalGlobe completed their focusing and achieved Initial Operational Capability (“IOC”) on the entire suite of bands, as the company announced in a press release.

DigitalGlobe now shared several image examples from WorldView-3. The images were downsampled from their original resolution of 30cm to 40cm.

Jeff Tarr, Chief Executive Officer, said “We are delighted that even in the early stages of calibration and commissioning WorldView-3 is revealing new insights that will enable customers to address some of the most pressing global challenges. WorldView-3 performance is exceeding our expectations and is a great step forward in helping our customers make critical decisions with confidence as they save lives, resources and time.”