UN-SPIDER International Workshop in Vienna

The United Nations International UN-SPIDER Vienna Workshop: "Building Capacities to Reduce Disasters" which took place on 2-4 June 2009 and had the support of the Government of Austria, brought together 78 participants from 34 counties. The objectives of the workshop were to present the most recent advances in space-based technologies for disaster management and emergency response, to review and finalize the proposed Capacity-Building Strategy, and to provide continuity to activities being conducted by UN-SPIDER in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), particularly in the context of climate change and disaster risk management. The workshop was organized to coincide with the 52nd Session of the Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), allowing delegates from Members States attending the COPUOS session to be present at various segments of the workshop. The workshop set the stage for UN-SPIDER to advance its agenda in the context of capacity building, bridging the gap, and SIDS. The establishment of an Expert Group on Capacity Building will allow UN-SPIDER to advance in the elaboration of the curricula, and subsequently in the collection and classification of contents to be included in training programmes. Finally, the results of the discussions held on bridging the gap finalised the proposal for a "SPIDER Global Thematic Partnership" which was launched during the Second Session of the GPDRR and also contributed to shaping the proposed SpaceAID framework.