UN-SPIDER and SENACYT conduct seminar during CONVERCIENCIA 2018

UN-SPIDER and the National Secretariat for Science and Technology of Guatemala (SENACYT) joined forces to conduct a seminar on the use of science, technology and innovation in disaster risk reduction and response efforts. The seminar was conducted in Guatemala City on 24 July 2018 as part of the week-long CONVERCIENCIA 2018 event organized by SENACYT. The seminar brought together experts from public and private institutions, universities and non-government organizations (NGOs), as well as students from various universities.

The seminar allowed participants to take note of recent advances in the use of science and technology in the areas of disaster management and emergency response applicable to Guatemala. Specifically, the seminar explored the use of technology to become better aware of risks associated with volcanic and seismic activity, the benefits of satellite technology and drones in case of disasters, and the applications of geospatial technologies in Guatemala’s Presidential Secretariat for Planning and Programming (SEGEPLAN) as well as the Executive Secretariat of the National Coordinating Agency for Disaster Reduction (SE-CONRED). In addition, the seminar highlighted the advances of the building norms elaborated by the Guatemala Association of Structural and Seismic Engineers (AGIES).

Seminar participants

The seminar is one of the joint efforts that SENACYT and UN-SPIDER are conducting in Guatemala to enhance the use of satellite technologies in disaster risk reduction, preparedness and emergency response and recovery efforts. Other activities include the mobilization of experts from Brazil and Colombia to train the members of the technical, inter-institutional team, which is being set up by SE-CONRED. The team brings together professionals and specialists from government agencies, private companies, universities and NGOs and is currently engaged in the development of space-based information to contribute to response and recovery efforts related to the recent disaster triggered by the eruption of Fuego volcano on 03 June 2018.