UAE announce DubaiSat-3 satellite mission

The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) has announced the launch of its new DubaiSat-3 project – the first satellite build to be completed in the UAE, as the Arabian Aerospace Online News Service reported.

The website furthermore reported: "A core team of 45 UAE experts and engineers will lead the development of DubaiSat-3, the third satellite program to be undertaken by EIAST in collaboration with its South Korean partner Satrec Initiative (SI). DubaiSat-3 will initially be developed in South Korea and later transferred to EIAST’s satellite manufacturing facilities in the UAE, midway through the project."

As compared to DubaiSat-2, the new satellite will have a new camera system capturing images with a resolution of 70 centimetres orbiting Earth at a distance of 600 kilometres.