SPOT Vegetation: New portal for free satellite data

The research organisation VITO has launched a new portal that makes accessible SPOT Vegetation data: All VEGETATION products older than three months are available free of charge.

VITO elaborates: "For SPOT-VEGETATION users, the main difference with the previous portal is, that all VEGETATION products older than three months are freely available: the P-, global S1 and S10 data (as global or regional extract product; large orders, need approval, see FAQ). Also after the end of the SPOT-VEGETATION mission, scheduled for May 31 2014, these products will continue to be distributed through this platform. D10 data will no longer be distributed via this new portal. Users that would like to download these data are kindly requested to contact the VITO helpdeskticket [at] (Helpdesk).Via this portal VITO will also distribute all Earth observation data and products processed by VITO. This means that you will also be able to request the decadal syntheses of MetOp-AVHRR , Envisat-Meris, and of course all PROBA-V products via this product distribution portal.