Natural Resources Canada launches new website for NEODF-Cat

The efforts of Natural Resources Canada for improving and increasing web accessibility have resulted in the decision of moving the NEODF-Cat web presence to a new web portal known as the National Earth Observation Data Framework Catalogue (NEODF-Cat) on 1 August 2013. The so-called NEODF Catalogue is a key element for the correct functioning of the National Earth Observation Data Framework (NEODF), a prototype system that illustrates a new approach to improving access to Earth Observation (EO) data and products.

The NEODF-Cat helps the National Earth Observation Data Framework on fulfilling its two main goals: preserve and make available in a timely manner all valuable EO assets purchased by the Government of Canada; and to manifest the potential benefits resulted from integrating decision-support tools to help users search and select in a way that best meets their needs.

The new NEODF-Cat website is available since 1 August 2013, but during a transition period until 12 August 2013, the old NEODF-Cat will still be available. The portal is accessible to both public and Government of Canada authorized users.