IASON project concluded: Earth observation in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions

The IASON FP7 project has reached all its objectives and came to an end in May after its last event on April 22.

This project, a joint effort within the FP7 ENV programme had the main goal of implementing the usage and application of Earth observation in the fields of climate change, resource efficiency and raw materials management. The scope of the project was determined by two geographical areas, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions. The IASON project aimed to establish there a fixed network of scientific and non-scientific institutions, stakeholders and private sector enterprises.  

As described in its website: “IASON aims to build on the experiences gained by 5 FP7 funded projects, OBSERVEenviroGRIDSGEONETCabEGIDA, and BalkanGEONet. All of the above projects focused on enhancing EO capacities, knowledge and technology in the EU and in neighborhood countries. During their execution time they managed to establish links with a critical mass of research institutions, organizations, public organizations, stakeholders, and policy makers in the Balkan region, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea Basin.”

Capacity building and knowledge transfer activities, the identification of projects and networks and the creation of new virtual services for training have been some of the procedures used during the last two years to achieve its goals.