GSDI: Survey on sharing spatially-referenced data

Dear Geospatial Professionals,

As you know, the sharing of spatially-referenced data is a key concern among all in our geospatial community. Current sharing efforts range from local to national government efforts, sharing internationally within disciplinary and scientific sectors, sharing through global efforts such as the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), and sharing through public participation efforts such as Open Street Maps and similar citizen-sensor initiatives.

Research is ongoing to better understand what allows and/or constrains individuals and agencies from sharing their spatially-referenced data. In an effort to better understand sharing dynamics, the GSDI Association encourages you to help such research whenever you can. The survey below is part of an effort to confirm conclusions reached through other forms of investigation. By taking a few minutes to respond to such surveys, you help the academic community to move forward our knowledge base of lessons learned.

Survey on Sharing Spatially-Referenced Data

Do you use spatially-referenced data? Do you generate spatially referenced data that you own or for which you are in a position to influence the data sharing policies of an organization? If your answer to either of those questions is yes, please consider spending 10 minutes or less answering a short online questionnaire that will help provide input for the possible construction of online commons environments for sharing spatially-referenced data. This is part of a research project by Jim Campbell, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering at the University of Maine advised by Harlan Onsrud.

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