EO in Malaria Vector Control and Management

Malareo is focusing to develop technology and implement earth observation data that contributes to the fight against malaria in southern Africa. MALAREO compiles a mixed European-African consortium that combines years of experience in malaria control with GMES Earth Observation (EO) capacity.
The project aims to build the fundaments of a malaria EO monitoring cell that will support a more efficient, effective and wider malaria vector control programme in South-Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique and at the same time contributes to research on malaria and EO. The consortium is well-equipped and highly skilled to achieve the MALAREO project objectives. It is a good mixture of SME’s, universities and administrations uniting remote sensing experts with epidemiology experts and public health specialists from 3 European partners and three Southern African partners. Project partners are the Medical Research Council and the University of KwaZulu-Natal from S-Africa, the National Malaria Control Program of Swaziland, Remote Sensing Solutions from Germany and the Schweizerische Tropen- und Public Health- Institut from Switzerland. The consortium will work in very close collaboration with the local end-users which are the Lubombo Spatial Development Initiative and the Malaria Control Programme of Mozambique.