CONAE and UN-SPIDER join forces to promote the Charter in Latin America

Nearly fifteen years ago, space agencies established the International Charter Space and Major Disasters as a way to contribute to disaster response efforts in countries affected by large disasters.  In 2012, the Charter introduced its Universal Access principle, allowing national disaster management authorities around the world to submit requests to the Charter for its activation in case of disasters.

The Argentinean National Space Commission (CONAE) and UN-SPIDER have joined forces in recent months to reach out to National Emergency Operation Centres operated by national disaster management authorities in Latin American countries to make them aware of the Charter and to engage them to register as authorized users.

Through video conferences, CONAE targets directors and staff of these Emergency Operation Centres to make them aware of the Charter, its assistance, the way in which the Charter is activated and is following up with guidance regarding how such Emergency Operation Centres can be registered with the Charter as authorized users. 

Countries initially targeted through this joint effort include the Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.  Subsequent efforts will be conducted in other countries of this region, as well as in countries in Africa and Asia.

For more information on the Charter, please visit the Charter website.

For more information on the Universal Access Principale, please visit the following website.