CATHALAC: Subsequent Analysis on Lake Azuei Flooding

UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office CATHALAC published a subsequent analysis on the flooding of Lake Azuei in Haiti. On 19 September 2012, CATHALAC had already provided an analysis of floodings caused by lakes Azuei in Haiti and Enriquillo in the Dominican Republic. The most recent analysis of Lake Azuei, based on Landsat-7 imagery captured on September 16, 2012, shows how the Lake has expanded by some 12.2% over its area in January 2007 (and 15.6% over its area in September 2000). While Lake Azuei's expansion has not claimed as much land as the expansion of nearby Lake Enriquillo, its expansion has flooded almost 1,500 hectares of land on its banks since 2007. Furthermore, flooding has reached the west of the Lake, where the surface has expanded by almost 3km, and in the central eastern part of the Lake land roughly 1km east of the Lake have also been flooded.