Argentina’s CONAE presents its mission for agricultural uses on Expoagro 2017

Argentina’s National Commission for Spatial Activities (CONAE) participated in agricultural trade fair Expoagro held on 7-11 March 2017 in Buenos Aires. The agency presented their SAOCOM mission to potential users there. SAOCOM Earth’s observation mission uses SAR (Syntetic Aperture Radar) information to generate products that can be used in agriculture and hydrology, e.g. soil moisture maps. In particular, the satellite imagery products can help the farmers in decision-making related to crop cultivation like sowing, fertilization and irrigation. They can also improve the risk management in case of hydrology emergency events and therefore minimize the losses.
The agency’s team presented a series of talks on the fair, including “CONAE and its satellites”, “Examples of benefits for the rural environment”, “Satellite information for agricultural produce: Benefits to hydrology of agricultural valleys” and others. All can be downloaded here:
The farmers explained their needs to which the CONAE’s team made some proposals and provided information.