Workshop on Use of Space Applications in Humanitarian Operations

 Secure World Foundation

CBK PAN: Space Research Centre PAS, The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP), GEONETCAB, Seventh Framework Programme

Wed, May 16 - Fri, May 18 2012

"Workshop on Use of Space Applications in Humanitarian Operations" is devoted to presenting and discussing optimal utilization of space applications in support of humanitarian efforts during large-scale crises.

The core parts of the workshop are a full-day simulation of humanitarian operation (with the active involvement of all participants) and a half-day evaluation and discussions. Simulation is designed as an interactive game and it will foster a large number of topics through a realistic exercise. Each simulation session will focus on a different phase of the crisis, will last approximately two hours, and will be followed by a brief evaluation. The scenarios will be based on real experience. Individuals' participation in the simulation will differ based on their background - Polish crisis management participants will act as local authorities, when international participants will play international assistance roles. The consequences of decisions made by the attendees will be instantaneously reflected by dynamic changes of the situation.

Main School of Fire Service (SGSP)