Webinar: Sentinel-1 On-Demand RTC Processing: Generating Analysis-Ready SAR Data with ASF Vertex

 On-Demand RTC Processing of Sentinel-1 datasets in the Data Search - Vertex portal. Image: NASA.

NASA EOSDIS Communications Team


Wed, Feb 24 2021

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data has become increasingly available, but many potential users are deterred by the pre-processing required to generate an analysis-ready dataset. SAR amplitude datasets often require Radiometric Terrain Correction (RTC) to adjust for the distortions inherent to SAR data. NASA's Alaska Satellite Facility Distributed Active Archive Center (ASF DAAC) provides access to a range of SAR datasets, but until recently most of the products available through ASF DAAC’s Data Search – Vertex portal required additional processing before they could be integrated into GIS or scientific workflows. ASF DAAC now offers on-demand processing of Sentinel-1 datasets within the Vertex user interface, allowing users to submit GRD or SLC products for RTC processing. These on-demand products are generally available for download within 30 minutes of the request. This webinar will introduce users to RTC datasets, and demonstrate the process of using Vertex to search for source granules, submit them for processing, and access the finished products.

Course Format

The online training will take place on February 24 from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST. 

Course Details

The presenter of the course will be Heidi Kristenson, GIS Specialist at ASF DAAC.

Participants can register for the webinar here.