Training Course on Disaster Risk Assessment for Risk Managers

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)

Mon, 5 Aug - Fri, 9 Aug 2019

Risk managers agree that policies and operational planning for management of disaster risks must be based upon a better understanding of the risk.

This training course offers a structured learning experience for risk managers to be able to understand the complex process of disaster risk assessment and its tools, but much emphasis will be placed on ensuring that the participants develop comprehensive understanding of risk assessment outputs, e.g., maps and web portals, and significantly improve their knowledge on interpretation of the risk information and be able to use it in disaster risk management decision-making processes such as preparedness and mitigation planning as well as early warning and emergency response resource allocation. The training course builds upon a decade of practical experience of ADPC and its partners in implementing risk assessment projects and supporting stakeholders in using the resulting hazard, vulnerability, and risk information to make well-informed decisions. The course will offer a balance of a classroom lecture paired with hands-on exercises derived from real-world risk assessment results as well as case studies to enhance the learning experience.

Risk Managers
ADPC Academy, Bangkok, Thailand