Training Certificate in Earth Observation for End-Users

Professor Emmanuel Zenou

ISAE-SUPAERO, Tolouse, France

Mon, Apr 3 - Fri, Apr 28 2017

The ISAE-SUPAERO school, a global leader in higher education focusing on aerospace engineering, will be conducting a four week training certificate on Earth Observation for End Users.  The training certificate will be offered during the month of April 2017, and will be offered on an annual basis in April. 

The training certificate include four topics:

1 - Earth observation systems;

2 - Scientific, environmental and social issues;

3 - Business and services; and

4 - Law, intelligence and international issues.

For more information you may contact Mr. Emmanuel Zenou, Head of the Programme (emmanuel [dot] zenouatisae-supaero [dot] fr;  tel.: +33 5 61 33 81 30)

For information on admissions, you may contact Ms. Marie Jentet-Guibbal (marie [dot] jentetatisae-supaero [dot] fr;  tel. +33 5 61 33 80 28)

NGOs, end-users, scientists, international agencies, managers, politicians, etc

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