Launch of the Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation

Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation

The European Commission's Science and Knowledge Service

Tue, Apr 20 2021

Launch of the Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation

Actionable information from Earth observation (EO) data has become increasingly valuable to public and private efforts that improve our planet and people. The Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation will serve as a focal point to translate this data into evidence for EU policymaking decisions and implementation.


Livestream of the event:



11:30  Launch Session -- Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation

   Stephen Quest (Director-General, JRC) and Timo Pesonen (Director-General, DEFIS)

Launch Video and presentation of the European Commission Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation by Giovanni De Santi (Director Sustainable Resources, JRC)

Research & Innovation supporting the Green Deal:
   Mariya Gabriel (Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth)

Member States engagement:
    Portuguese Presidency, Manuel Heitor (Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education)

ESA Contribution to the EU Flagship Programme Copernicus:
    Josef Aschbacher (Director-General, ESA)

International Dimension:
    QU Dongyu (Director-General, FAO)

Policy Beneficiaries of Earth Observation Information:
   Charlina Vitcheva (Director-General, MARE) 
   Florika Fink-Hooijer (Director-General, ENV) 
   Paraskevi Michou (Director-General, ECHO)

Closure by European Commission - Frans Timmermans (Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal)

13:15  Lunch

14:30  EO Capacity and Policy Uptake

14:30    Welcome by Matthias Petschke (Director Space, DEFIS)

14:35     Presentation of the European Commission Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation and the Evolution of the Copernicus Programme

14:45    Further Commission EO Programmes: Horizon Europe and Destination Earth

14:55    Round Table Session 1, View of Copernicus Champion User, moderated by Giovanni De Santi (Director Sustainable Resources, JRC)
    With Directors from Main Policy User DGs: ENV, AGRI, CLIMA, INTPA
    Followed by Q&A

15:40    Break

15:50    Round Table Session 2, Implementing EO support to policy, moderated by Dan Chirondojan (Director Space, Security and Migration, JRC) 
    With implementing partners of the Copernicus programme: ESA, EUMETSAT, ECMWF, Mercator Ocean, SatCen, Frontex, EMSA, EEA, GSA
    Followed by Q&A

16:55    Closure by Giovanni De Santi 

17:00  Adjourn


Background on the Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation

The priorities of the Green Deal and the Digital Strategy represent both challenges and opportunities. Digital technologies linked to Earth Observation can be used to address a wide range of sectoral policies, increasing their coherence, leading to a fundamental modernisation of evidence-based policymaking. 

For this transformation to be fully implemented, there is a need for a focal point within the Commission and the establishment of the Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation (KCEO) represents a timely opportunity to address this. The KCEO will actively engage with User Policy DGs to optimise the translation of EO data into fit-for-purpose products and services, ultimately leading to better regulation. The KCEO will also provide a forum for dialogue with the implementing entities associated with Copernicus and will help to prioritise investments in next-generation Earth Observation research and technological development to enhance the exploitation of Copernicus 2.0 throughout the policy cycle.

The KCEO will be a dynamic and inclusive platform that will help to translate policy needs into technical requirements and provide you with a broad network of EO users within the European Commission and beyond for better EU regulation.