IWG-SEM autumn meeting 2014 (Munich and web-based)

Thu, 25 Dec 2014

Participating Organizations: DLR, EC-DG ENTR, ITHACA, AIT/Jaxa, EC-JRC, SERTIT, OOSA/UN-SPIDER, USGS, World Bank


Meeting Summary

The 2014 autumn meeting was the first IWG-SEM meeting, which was organized as a combination of a physical and web-based conference. 18 participants joined the meeting in person or via web-video-conference and telephone chat.

The participants exchanged views and heard presentations about real-time mapping cooperation including the joint elaboration of a GeoRSS feed as well as about post disaster needs assessment and damage and loss assessments.

Another item on the agenda were the Emergency Mapping Guidelines, that the group had previously created in a joint effort. The participants agreed on a structure for an additional thematic section on floods and proposed an update of the general section by adding valuable data sources.

The detailed meeting outcomes are available here.

DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, Munich, Germany