Flood Management Course

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Switzerland - gov; Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), Switzerland - gov

Mon, Mar 30 - Thu, Apr 2 2015

The aim of this Flood Management Course is to provide basic principles and technical overview for flood management


Basics of flood hazards

•Flood generation processes
•Sediment transport processes

Flood hazard evaluation (scenarios: inundation, alluviation, erosion)

•Flood hazard modelling
•Flood hazard mapping: hazard map, hazard index & intensity map

Flood management strategies:

•Integrated risk management
•Integrated flood management strategy
•Elaborating a flood risk management plan
•Specifics of urban flooding & of large plain flooding

Exercise on flood management (group work session):

•Specification of a hazard evaluation after a flood event

Flood hazard management in a global context:

•Global Processes: SDG’s, HFA 2,
•International and multilateral programs in flood hazard management
•Role and position of Switzerland Field excursion (organized by FOEN with canton):
•Introduction and presentation (indoor)
•Field excursion


Combination of lectures and field visits (power point presentations, case studies, group work, site visit)

Thun or Spiez