ESA EO Phi-Week

Image: ESA.

European Space Agency (ESA)

Mon, Sep 28 - Fri, Oct 2 2020

Φ-week is the annual Earth observation event organised by ESA-EOP. It focuses on innovation in Earth observation, and showcases the latest achievements in Earth observation science, technology and applications.

Φ-week 2020 aims to contribute to the concept of Digital Twin Earth - an AI-driven digital replica of our planet that converts the full power of AI, Earth science and modeling, cloud computing and Earth-scale environmental, societal and economical data into actionable insights for scientist, political and economic decision makers.Φ-week 2020 brings together the necessary ingredients to build the Digital Twin Earth and enable science-based decision capabilities, enhanced predictions and simulations, to responding to the complex societal and environmental challenges of our times.

The ESA EO Φ-week Main Sessions (Monday - Wednesday) will be live streamed and open for viewing to everyone. The live stream will be accessible from the home page.
Registered participants will have access to the additional sessions, content, interactions and functionalities.

Objectives of the event:

  • Explore the latest applications of transformative technologies affecting Science Innovation and FutureEO missions and services.
  • Inspire early career scientists, entrepreneurs, citizens and dreamers by gathering and merging EO Open Science communities.
  • Partner with new players by fostering new collaboration across disciplines.