Digital Image Processing using ERDAS Imagine

SUPARCO - Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission

Mon, 20 Jan - Fri, 24 Jan 2014


The course is aimed at providing basic concepts of image processing and extensive hands-on-experience of working on ERDAS IMAGINE software. A variety of image processing functions available in the ERDAS IMAGINE software will be covered, including (but not limited to) data extraction, image enhancement, data merging and mosaicing, classification, map composition, geo-coding and vector data handling as well as 3D tools such as Virtual GIS.


Contents of Course

  • ERDAS Core Modules
  • ERDAS Tools and Menus
  • Raster/vector data layers
  • Image Enhancement techniques
  • Image classification
  • Map composition
  • 3D tools
National Centre for Remote Sensing and Geo-Informatics (NCRG) SUPARCO Headquarters