Advanced Webinar: Forest Mapping and Monitoring with SAR Data

Forest Mapping and Monitoring with SAR Data. Image: NASA

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12/05/2020 to 21/05/2020

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020


This advanced webinar series will introduce participants to:

1) SAR time series analysis of forest change using Google Earth Engine (GEE)

2) land cover classification with radar and optical data with GEE

3) mapping mangroves with SAR

4) forest stand height estimation with SAR

Each training will include a theoretical portion describing the use of SAR for landcover mapping as related to the focus of the session followed by a demonstration that will show participants how to access, download, and analyze SAR data for forest mapping and monitoring. These demonstrations will use freely-available, open-source data and software

The webinar is divided in 4 parts:

1) Time Series Analysis of Forest Change

2) Land Cover Classification with Radar and Optical Data

3) Mangrove Mapping

4) Forest Stand Height (with Guest Speaker Paul Siqueria)

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