5th International Symposium & Field Workshop: Living with Climate Change

ISLL-5 Luxor

Egyptian Society of Environmental Changes (ESEC)

Tue, 8 Nov - Fri, 11 Nov 2022

Text extract from conference's website:


"The increasing success of our series of international symposiums entitled "Living with the Landscape", first initiated with Sinai Peninsula's first conference in 2008, and followed by the second in the Siwa Oasis 2009, the third in Aswan 2010 and the fourth in Dahab 2020 is genuinely our motivation to continue this year with the Fifth symposium entitled "Consequences and Adaption". Despite the great financial and administrative obstacles, in what has become our yearly environmental tradition, we as usual, continue to work in order to offer you the same quality opportunity of academic cooperation and cross-nations collaboration among academics from all corners of the globe. Our main issue this time is discovering and discussing people's ways of adaption with their natural environment.

Aims and Objectives

Generally speaking, the inhabitants of the planet suffer, currently, from the effects of climatic changes that have inherently affected their lives and activities. Such deep effect has always extended to include the ecosystems on our planet; a phenomenon whose existence was not limited to the modern period. On the contrary, it has extended throughout the geological history. Our scientific meeting, therefore, is much concerned with exchanging experiences regarding the effects of this phenomenon on human life in all fields, both present, and historical. It is, in other words, much concerned with discussing the multiple ways of adaption with the various negative consequences of climate change through effective cooperation between, and exchange of, human experiences in various interdisciplinary scientific fields.


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