3rd International Training Workshop on Space Technology for Disaster Mitigation

CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence on Space Technology for Disaster Mitigation

Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences
IRDR Chinese National Committee
Mon, Nov 23 - Fri, Dec 4 2015

In response to the needs of developing countries in disaster mitigation to tackle the natural and human-induced environmental disaster, SDIM will organize the 3rd International Training Workshop on Space Technology for Disaster Mitigation with the theme of “Earth observations for Disaster Risk Management in Developing Countries: Technical Practice and Scientific Application”. With the objective of providing a scientific and practical guide to the participants from developing countries, the workshop will collect and integrate information on international best practices with the applicants to a number of hazards events, especially for floods, droughts, earthquakes and so on. Experts from various national and international organizations, such as TWAS, UN agencies, ICSU, GEO, etc., will share their experiences with working on disaster mitigation and Earth observation.

The training workshop will bring together early- and mid-career scientists from developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America wishing to increase scientific knowledge of disaster mitigation and space technology. The policy makers and managers from developing countries are also welcome to apply for participating in the workshop. As the number is limited to 20 people, only those who are qualified can be selected as formal participants. Female applicants will be given priority.