2015 CoastGIS Conference

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research; University of Stellenbosch; Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association; International Programme Committee for CoastGIS Symposia

Wed, 22 Apr - Fri, 24 Apr 2015

The CoastGIS Conference series began with what was planned as a ‘one off’ conference held at University College Cork, Ireland, in 1995. The goal then – and now – was to focus on how information technologies, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), are used in coastal zone management, science and research. Over the years – with the forthcoming CoastGIS 2013 being the eleventh in the series of conferences – new topics were added to the list of themes covered by the conferences, including marine and coastal spatial data infrastructures (SDIs), marine spatial planning, public participation in coastal decision making and socioeconomic issues. The CoastGIS conferences were conceived and structured to foster an increase in knowledge of GIS and related information technologies among technical people and for researchers in the fields of marine science and coastal zone management. Over the years, as coastal/marine researchers and managers have become more IT literate, especially in regard to GIS and, now, online web services, the conferences continue to provide a showcase for new developments in information management and dissemination technology as well as a learning experience for all involved in coastal zone decision making – researchers, technicians and managers in educational institutions, public authorities and commercial firms. Another important goal of CoastGIS events is to present examples of best practice in using the technology to foster better evaluation and better understanding of human impacts on the coastal zone, to provide support to organisational development in this field, including development and improvement of new information services, and to improve the educational framework for both students and professionals working in the coastal or marine area. The CoastGIS events are held once every two years under the joint scientific sponsorship of the Commission on Coastal Systems of the International Geographical Union (IGU/CCS) and the Commission on Marine Cartography of the International Cartographic Association (ICA/CMC):

Protea Breakwater Lodge
Cape Town