Mozambique National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC)

The National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC), established in 1999, coordinates disaster risk management activities in Mozambique. INGC operates under the Ministry of State Administration (MAE) and is mandated to coordinate emergencies, promote disaster prevention through population and government mobilization, protect human lives, ensure multi-sectoral coordination in disaster emergency, coordinate early warning systems, carry out public awareness and re-utilize arid and semiarid zones.

INGC is responsible for coordinating disaster risk management at the national, provincial and district levels as well as the community levels. Three regional emergency operation centers (CENOE) handle cyclones and droughts (Vilankulos), floods (Caia) and cyclones (Nacala). There are also four multiple use centers (CERUM) at the district level specializing in reducing vulnerability to droughts. At the community level, INGC acts through local committees for Disaster Risk Management that are empowered to deal with both disaster prevention and preparedness.