Mozambique Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources (MOPHRH)


The Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources is created by Presidential Decree No. 1/2015 of 16 January, pursuant to Article 4 (1) (g) of Presidential Decree No. 3/2015, of 20 February, and in the use of the powers delegated by the Council of Ministers pursuant to article 1 of Resolution 7/2015, of 20 April.

The Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources is the Central Apparatus Body of the State that ensures the fulfillment of the Government's duties in the areas of public works, building materials, roads and bridges, urbanization, housing, water resources, water supply. and sanitation. More precisely, it is responsible for the following areas:

  • Planning the construction of public works, ensuring the efficiency of the sector's investments;
  • Quality control of public and private works, to guarantee their safety, durability and functionality;
  • Inspection and inspection of public works;
  • Construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of public infrastructure, namely roads and bridges, water supply, sanitation, retention, protection and water storage systems;
  • Regulation of the use and quality control of materials and construction elements;
  • Development of strategies and normative conditions for access to housing;
  • Implementation of policies and strategies for the use and rational and sustainable use of water resources;
  • Availability of water in quantity and quality to respond to the challenges of socio-economic development;
  • Management of water resources, ensuring their best use and rational and sustainable use, as well as for the prevention and mitigation of the impacts of floods and droughts;
  • Management and operation of public hydraulic infrastructures;