Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

JAXA is pursuing great possibilities in various aerospace fields and is striving to succeed with various research and development missions in order to contribute to the peace and happiness of humankind. It is active in several areas, including the Earth observation programme (active missions ALOS, GOSAT). One of the JAXA's satellites is specialized on providing data for Sentinel Asia. This information flow is visualized on the following picture:


Sentinel Asia
JAXA's Land Observing Satellite Daichi is providing images for the Sentinel Asia which helps assess damages caused by natural disasters. Sentinel Asia, first advocated in 2005, now counts 8 international organizations and 51 participating organizations from 20 countries as members, and utilization of its systems is steadily expanding.

The main activities of SA are: emergency observation by earth observation satellites in case of major disasters, acceptance of observation requests, wildfire monitoring and flood monitoring and capacity building for utilization of satellite images for disaster management.

For further information visit: SentinelAsia, Jaxa
More information about Sentinel Asia are also at:http://un-spider.info/guide-en/4854/sentinel-asia