Indian Geo-Platform of ISRO

The platform is well-built but most of the data is for India only. This includes IMS-1 (Hyperspectral), Cartosat, OceanSat and ResourceSat – which are all Indian satellites.

It dates back to 1998 with the launch of the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS 1A) satellite.he following products are available to download outside of India – NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) Global Coverage, CartoDem Version -3R1 for SAARC countries and Climate products for North Indian Ocean.


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Remote Sensing: Global market to rise to 12 billion USD by 2019

The study forecasts the global Remote Sensing market

A new study by BBC Research LLC, has found that the global market for remote sensing technologies will continuously grow and should reach $12.1 billion by 2019, as Spar Point Group reported. The study includes forecasts for 20 end-user markets in 39 countries. The authors of the study point out that these advances in geographic information systems (GIS) technology have “blurred previous qualitative distinctions” between very expensive satellite platforms, moderately expensive airborne platforms, and low-cost UAS (unmanned aerial systems) platforms.

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Thu, 07/11/2013 - 10:20

Social Impact through Satellite Remote Sensing – Visualizing Acute and Chronic Crises beyond the Visible Spectrum

For decades, satellite remote sensing has provided fundamental insights in countless physical science fields such as ecology, geosciences, atmospheric physics, and chemistry. However, as it relates to human and socioeconomic processes, satellite remote sensing is an incredibly powerful tool that is underutilized.

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Wed, 30/11/2011 - 17:43
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