Drought and Famine in Horn of Africa

Horn of Africa, Africa

Status Update: 7 September 2011 (14:00 CEST)


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  1. Emergency Mapping
  2. Space-based Resources
  3. Emergency Response, Situation Reports
  4. Media
  5. Coordinates of affected areas
  6. SAFER-IDP Camps in Ethiopia
  7. Other Relevant Info
  8. Contact

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 1. Emergency Mapping

1.1 Products delivered under SAFER (maps prepared by German Aerospace Center (DLR), Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information (ZKI))

SAFER was triggered by GMLZ (German Joint Information and Situation Centre) to support the aid work of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). The ZKI is producing the maps for this activation, covering different areas and topics (see table below for details and direct links).

Link to GMES/SAFER: http://www.emergencyresponse.eu/gmes/en/event/Humanitarian-Crisis-in-the-horn-of-Africa._110.html

Link to products on DLR/ZKI website: http://www.zki.dlr.de/article/2042

KMZ file "Ethiopia overview": 110-DLR_20110727_ethiopia_thw_overview_sheet1.kmz

Access to the GMES ERS gateway: http://gateway.emergencyresponse.eu

Map of Refugee camps in Ethiopia (updated on 2nd Sept 2011): download data



1.2 Emergency Assessment by UNITAR/UNOSAT

UNOSAT has been mapping suspected informal shelters, refugee camps, and overviews of several areas (see table below for details and direct links).

Link to products on the UNITAR/UNOSAT website: http://www.unitar.org/unosat/horn-africa-data


1.3 Drought- and crop monitoring by NDRCC and UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER

The National Disaster Reduction Center of China (NDRCC), as a partner of UN-SPIDER, has analyzed imagery and prepared crop and drouhgt monitoring maps for Kenya, Djibouti, northern Sudan and Somalia, based on data from Terra/MODIS and HJ-1.

Please access the products by NDRCC and UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER directly through the table below.



Space based rapid mapping products table

UNITAR/UNOSATWV01, DigitalGlobe22 July 2011Dolo, EthiopiaEmergency AssessmentdeliveredUNITAR
UNITAR/UNOSATWV01, DigitalGlobe28 July 2011Dolo, Ethiopia & Doolow, SomaliaPre-crisis AtlasdeliveredUNITAR

WV01, DigitalGlobe

1 Aug. 2011Dadaab, Garissa, N.Eastern, KenyaOverview Map of Refugee CampsdeliveredUNITAR
UNITAR/UNOSATWV01, Digital Globe1 Aug. 2011Border Town of Dolo, EthiopiaSuspected Informal Somali Refugee Shelters (17 July 2011)deliveredUNITAR
UNITAR/UNOSATWV01, Digital Globe17 Aug. 2011Mogadishu, SomaliaEmergency Assessment of Somali IDP Shelter Concentrations (28 July 2011)deliveredUNITAR
UNITAR/UNOSATWV01, Digital Globe17 Aug. 2011Afgooye Corridor, SomaliaCrisis Atlas of Afgooye Corridor, Somalia (28 July 2011)deliveredUNITAR
UNITAR/UNOSATQB02/WV02 - Digital Globe22 Aug. - 4 Sept. 2011Hodan District, Mogadishu, SomaliaIDP Camp status map (PDF)deliveredUNITAR
UNITAR/UNOSATWV02 - Digital Globe17 Aug. 2011Mogadishu, SomaliaAtlas of Somali IDP Shelter ConcentrationsdeliveredUNITAR
ZKI/DLR (for SAFER)Landsat28 July 2011Dolo Ado RegionGeographic reference map (2 sheets), OverviewdeliveredZKI/DLR
ZKI/DLR (for SAFER)Spot-529 July 2011Dolo Ado, Dolo Ado Region, Buramino, Kobe and Melkadida, EthiopiaRefugee camps, Detail (1:7.500 / 1:20.000)deliveredZKI/DLR
ZKI/DLR (for SAFER)QuickBird-231 July 2011Melkadida CampRefugee Camp, Detail (1:3.500)deliveredZKI/DLR
ZKI/DLR (for SAFER)GeoEye-14 Aug. 2011Luuq, Waajid, Garbahaarey, Kobe Camp, Bokolmanyo (Somalia)3 Geographic Reference MapsdeliveredZKI/DLR



24 Aug. 2011Dolo Ado, Kobe, Melkadida, Bokolmanyo (Somalia)Refugee CampsdeliveredZKI/DLR





1 Sept. 2011Dolo Ado, Kobe, Melkadida, BuraminoRefugee CampsdeliveredZKI/DLR


Terra (MODIS)19 August 2011Northern SudanCrop Monitoring/NDVI analysisdeliveredUNOOSA
NDRCC, UNOOSA/UN-SPIDERHJ-1 A/B (CCD)19 August 2011Northern SudanDrought Monitoring/NDVI analysisdeliveredUNOOSA
NDRCC, UNOOSA/UN-SPIDERTerra (MODIS)19 August 2011SomaliaDrought Monitorin/NDVI analysisdeliveredUNOOSA
NDRCC, UNOOSA/UN-SPIDERTerra (MODIS)19 Aug. 2011DjiboutiDrought Monitoring/NDVI analysisdeliveredUNOOSA
NDRCC, UNOOSA/UN-SPIDERTerra (MODIS)19 Aug. 2011KenyaDrought Monitoring/NDVI analysisdeliveredUNOOSA


Terra (MODIS)19 August 2011Horn of AfricaDrought Monitoring/NDVI analysisdeliveredUNOOSA


Terra (MODIS)19 August 2011Horn of AfricaImagedeliveredUNOOSA


NOAA (AVHRR)19 August 2011AfricaDrought Monitoring/NDVI analysisdeliveredUNOOSA


Terra (MODIS)19 August 2011SomaliaSettlements MonitoringdeliveredUNOOSA


Terra (MODIS)19 August 2011SomaliaPopulation Density MonitoringdeliveredUNOOSA
Google crisis responseIKONOS22 August 2011Mogadishu (Somalia)Satellite imagedeliveredKML-Download

Institutional links to further mapping products and databases 

SourceLinkType of Information
Google MapMakerhttps://services.google.com/fb/forms/mapmakerdatadownload/MapMaker data for African countries
OCHA Common Operational Datasetshttp://cod.humanitarianresponse.infoDatasets for Somalia
Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET)http://www.fews.net/Pages/Horn-of-Africa-Emergency.aspxShapefiles, Livelihoods Zone Maps
Map Libraryhttp://www.maplibrary.org/stacks/Africa/Somalia/index.phpAdministrative Areas, Administrative Boundaries
UNOCHAhttp://ochaonline.un.org/MapCentre/ThematicMaps/tabid/2952/language/en-US/Default.aspxThematic Maps: 3Ws Maps by region, Hot Spot Areas
WFPhttp://epmaps.wfp.org/mapsAffected people



Situation map in the Horn of Africa 
ESRIhttp://changematters.esri.com/Compare?im=Infrared&sy=2000&ey=2005&center=5147090.26079319,577021.0506923724&level=5"ChangeMatters" visualization of NDVI Change between 1975 and 2005, based on GLS Landsat imagery

2. Space-based resources 


DigitalGlobe, US Dept. of StateWV019 March 2009Dabaab, Kenyapre-crisisdelivered 
DigitalGlobeWV027 Oct. 2010Dabaab, Kenyapre-crisisdelivered http://browse.digitalglobe.com/imagefinder/showBrowseMetadata?catalogId=1030010007BD8600
DigitalGlobe, US Dept. of StateWV0126 Oct. 2010Dolo, Ethiopiapre-crisisdelivered http://browse.digitalglobe.com/imagefinder/showBrowseMetadata?catalogId=102001000E26DE00
DigitalGlobe, European Space ImagingWV0117 July 2011Dolo, Ethiopiacurrentdelivered http://browse.digitalglobe.com/imagefinder/showBrowseMetadata?catalogId=1020010014617200
JAXA, AstriumALOS/AVNIR11 Jan. 2009Dabaab, Kenyapre-crisisdelivered 
DigitalGlobe, e-GEOSQuickBird-2 (0.6m)31 July 2011Melkadida, Ethiopiacurrentdelivered 
Kobe, Ethiopia 
CNES, Distribution SPOT Image S.A.SPOT-5 (2.5m)28 July 2011Melkadida, Ethiopiacurrentdelivered 
Dolo Ado Region, Ethiopia 
Kobe, Ethiopia 
Buramino, Ethiopia 
DigitalGlobeWV02 (0.5m)2 Aug. 2011Bakomango, Dolo Adocurrentplanned 
DigitalGlobeQuickBird (0.6m)3 Aug. 2011Kobe, Buraminocurrentplanned http://browse.digitalglobe.com/imagefinder/showBrowseMetadata?catalogId=101001000DE2CE00
GeoEye, e-GEOSGeoEye-1 (0.5m)2 Aug. 2011Luuq, Waajid, Garbahaareycurrentacquired




Please note that HJ-1 A/B data can be made available upon request.

Access to the GMES ERS gateway: http://gateway.emergencyresponse.eu (Online repository of geo-products. Allows access to geo-preoducts and metadata delivered by GMES Emergency Response Service. If you want to apply for an account to access the geo-products repository, please send your request to coteam [at] gmes-emergencyresponse.eu including your name, the name of your organization and a description of the scope of your organization with respect to the GMES program.)

We will continue to update this section as more resources become available.


 3. Emergency Response, Situation Reports

ReliefWebhttp://reliefweb.int/horn-africa-crisis2011Situation Reports and Latest Updates
UNOCHAhttp://www.unocha.org/crisis/horn-africa-crisisLatest Situation Reports and OCHA Reports

WFP News

WFP Somalia



Situation updates

Country report




Food Security Bulletin
Special issue (30 July 2011)
Oxfamhttp://www.oxfam.org.uk/oxfam_in_action/emergencies/east-africa-drought-2011.htmlSituation reports
USAIDhttp://www.fews.net/Pages/default.aspxHorn of Africa: Crisis Snapshots
FIVIMShttp://www.fivims.org/Information for Hunger Reduction
GMFShttp://www.gmfs.info/Global Monitoring for Food Security

4. Media 

Aljazeerahttp://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/spotlight/hornofafrica/Spotlight Aljazeera: Horn of Africa
BBChttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-14248278BBC News: East African Hunger Crisis
AlertNethttp://www.trust.org/alertnet/news/africa/Africa News: focusing on famine crisis

 5. Coordinates of affected areas

 See above map and attached files for AOI.


Affected AreasShapefiles
Crop Growth Monitoring in Sudan  
Ethiopia – Dolo Ado Region; Situation as of January 25, 2010; Sheet 1
Ethiopia –Dolo Ado Region; Situation as of January 25, 2010; Sheet 2
Drought Monitoring with MODIS in Kenya
Drought Monitoring with HJ-1 in the North of Sudan
Drought Monitoring with MODIS in Djibouti
Drought Monitoring with MODIS in Somalia
Somalia – Garbahaarrey; Situation as of August 02, 2011
Somalia- Luuq; Situation as of August 02, 2011
Somalia – Waajid; Situation as of August 02, 2011
SAFER Acquisitions (29.07.2011)
UNITAR Emergency Assessment of the border town of Dolo, Ethiopia (as of 17 July 2011)
UNITAR Overview Map of Refugee Camps in Dadaab, Garissa, Kenya
UNITAR Suspected Informal Somalia Refugee Shelters in Border Town of Dolo, Ethiopia (17 July 2011)
User Needs (29.07.2011)

 6. SAFER-IDP Camps in Ethiopia

Dolo Ado

Quickbird, 0.6 m res.

IKONOS, 1.0 m res.

Last update August 31

September 1, 2011

Dolo AdoIKONOS, 1.0 m res.Last update August 4September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR
Dolo AdoSPOT-5, 2.5 m res.Last update August 2September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR

Worldview-2, 0.5 m res.

Quickbird-2, 0.6 m res.

Last update August 31September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR

Worldview-2, 0.5 m res.

SPOT-5, 2.5 m res.

Last update August 31September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR

Quickbird-2, 0.6 m res.

SPOT-5, 2.5 m res.
Last update August 31September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR
MelkadidaQuickbird, 0.6 m res.Last update August 31September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR
MelkadidaSPOT-5, 2.5 m res.Last update August 1September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR

GeoEye, 0.5 m res.

IKONOS, 1.0 m res.

Last update August 24September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR
BokolmanyoIKONOS, 1.0 m res.Last update August 4September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR

Quickbird-2, 0.6 m res.

SPOT-5, 2.5 m res.
Last update August 31September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR

IKONOS, 1.0 m res.

Quickbird-2, 0.6 m res.

SPOT-5, 2.5 m res.
Last update September 1September 1, 2011ZKI/DLR

Please follow the link Vector Data for the vector information of the maps of Dolo Ado, Kobe, Melkadida and Bokolmanyo.  The vector files are available as zipped GDB database file. A metadata file (.xml) is included.

 7. Other Relevant Info

UNHCRwww.unhcr.org/4e32a6d66.htmlPopulation Movement Tracking: Mogadishu Dashboard
UNHCRwww.unhcr.org/pages/49e483ad6.html2011 UNHCR country operations profile - Somalia
ACAPSgoo.gl/qhQp2The impact of the drought on Somalia and resulting displacement of Somali affected population.


 8.  Contact


E-Mail: un-spider [at] unoosa.org (un-spider[at]unoosa[dot]org)