Data Sources

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash.

This database provides descriptions of a large variety of satellite imagery, elevation models, land use and land cover maps as well as near real-time data products for different hazard types. You can search the database by data type or hazard as well as by other relevant factors including costs, temporal or spatial coverage, satellite or file types.

When you select a specific country under "spatial coverage", please note that the system will retrieve datasets that are exclusively carrying information for that specific country (and no other country). This means that global datasets, which include information for a particular country of interest as well as for other countries, will not be displayed. As a result, it is recommended to start with a global search.

The results of each search are connected to other items on the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal, such as the database of GIS and remote sensing software and the descriptions of natural hazards.

To support Member States in identifying and accessing relevant space-based information, UN-SPIDER also creates booklets that provide an overview of data sources listed on these pages and of particular interest to the countries it is providing technical advisory support to. The following booklets are available:

- Tunisia

- Ethiopia

- Cameroon

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