Turkey - Expert Mission

Taking advantage of the United Nations/ Turkey/ European Space Agency Workshop on “Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits” which was conducted in Istanbul, UN-SPIDER carried out an Expert Mission to Ankara to discuss additional activities and efforts including the potential establishment of a Regional Support Office (RSO) by Turksat and the conduction of a UN-SPIDER regional workshop for Western Asia.


Mon, 13/09/2010 to Sat, 18/09/2010

Host Institution: 



Mission Expert: 

Yusuf S. Hascicek, UN-SPIDER.

Mission Profile: 

The mission included several meetings with high ranking officers from Turksat to discuss issues related to the potential RSO, with the Rector of Akdeniz University and with the Director General of Antalya TecknoPark regarding the organization of a Western-Asia Cooperation Meeting together with Akdeniz University.

Mission Outcome: 

The mission allowed UN-SPIDER to strengthen its links with Turksat, with Akdeniz University and with Antalya TecknoPark. The mission also allowed UN-SPIDER to continue discussions on the proposal for Turksat to establish a Regional Support Office and for Turksat and Akdeniz University to co-organize with UN-SPIDER the tentative Western-Asia Cooperation Meeting.

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