Call for experts: UN-SPIDER Technical Advisory Mission to Ghana

Ghana’s Songor Lagoon seen from space (2000)

At the invitation of the Government of Ghana (National Disaster Management Organisation, NADMO) the UN-SPIDER Programme will conduct a Technical Advisory Mission (TAM) to Ghana from 25 to 29 November 2013.

UN-SPIDER is currently compiling a list of experts from the space as well as the disaster/disaster-risk management community in order to have the mission team defined by the end of September. UN-SPIDER is looking for professionals from relevant institutions, organizations, companies or universities from the field of space technology and disaster/disaster-risk management who are already collaborating or are willing to collaborate in the future with the authorities or respective institutions in Ghana.

TAMs are part of UN-SPIDER’s Technical Advisory Support, one of the core activities of the Programme. TAM experts meet during the mission with key disaster management authorities in the Government, UN agencies, regional and international organizations or initiatives and private entrepreneurs to discuss the topic in depth, make recommendations and develop guidelines to improve the use of space-based information in disaster-risk management and emergency response.

If you are interested in joining the TAM, please send a short background, résumé or CV and a short indication of your current, planned or possible type of collaboration with Ghana to Mr Coen BUSSINK (coen.bussink [at] The deadline for submission is 29 September 2013.

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I work in sphere of studying of an assessment of natural resources, including land resources. i directed and participated carrying out large-scale shootings agriculture lands, carrying out the qualititive and quantitative accounting of lands with use of GPS and other measuring devises.

I am engaged and engaged in drawing up land registry of the country and regions, an assessment of lands, shudying anthropogenous influence on fertility lands, an erosion, salinity and acidity soils, carrying out land reform. I participated wrining on many laws and cjdes connected lands. As a result of these works and research it is published to more than 30 scientific artide and it is made more than 100 soil maps.


Mr Nabe Kanfiegue:

from Union Internationale des Voyageurs (Togo) Africa

Organisation in Special Consultative Status with (ECOSOC) UN system

With an aim to develop an integrated approach for effectively managing natural disasters, there's three research objectives:

-First, it provides a framework for effective natural disaster management from a public project management perspective.

- Second it proposes an integrated approach for successfully and effectively managing disaster crisis.

Third, it specifies a set of critical success factors for managing disaster related public projects.


A detailed case study of the UIV was carried out to identify specific problems associated with managing natural disaster in  West-Africa countries.


The investigations reveal that the country lacked a master plan for natural disaster management including prediction, warning, mitigation and preparedness, unspecified responsible governmental authority, unclear line of authority, ineffective collaboration among institutions in different levels, lack of encouragement for participation of local and international NGOs, lack of education and knowledge for a country  in potential disaster effected communities, and lack of information management or database system.

Research limitations/implications

This study identifies the specific problems associated with natural disasters management based on a detailed case study of managing the nation disaster in  Ghana since 2007.

Practical implications

The proposed integrated approach which includes both proactive and reactive strategies can be applied to managing natural disasters successfully in Africa countries.


Our  paper highlights the importance of having proactive and reactive strategies for natural disaster management.

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