Tropical Storm "Eric"

The following “flash” situational report has been prepared by the OCHA support mission to the Office of the Resident
Coordinator in Madagascar. It is largely based on the information provided by the National Office for Disasters and Risks
Management (BNGRC) of the Government of Madagascar as well as UN Agencies and NGOs.


Tropical storm “Eric” descended on the regions of Sofia, Sava, Atsinanana, and Analanjirofo in the north-east of Madagascar at 8 am on 19 January 2009, carrying heavy rain and winds at the speed of up to 95 km/h. Landing in the district of Fenerive-Est, “Eric” edged southwards through the districts of Fenoarivo Atsinanana, Sainte-Marie, Vavatenina, Ambositra, Toamasina I, Antsohihy, Mampikony, and Mandritsara,veering off into the Indian Ocean by 2 pm. According to the preliminary reports received from regional authorities through BNGRC, approximately 1,000 persons remain homeless with another 1,700 persons impacted to varying degrees by the tropical system. BNGRC reports one person dead and 24 injured.
Unconfirmed damage has been reported in the agricultural sector: flooded rice paddies, fallen banana trees, destroyed manioc plantations and other vital crops. Some stretches of national roads have been flooded by swollen rivers, making communication difficult and in some cases suspended. Several public buildings, including schools, have been reported damaged to varying degrees.

Source: Office of the Resident Coordinator Madagascar$File/full_report.pdf

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