Emergency Support

UN-SPIDER facilitates fast and efficient access to space-based information for countries as well as international and regional organizations. This includes all types of information provided by Earth observation satellites, communication satellites and global navigation satellite systems. On the emergency support pages below, UN-SPIDER compiles links and information on satellite-based sources for selected major disasters

Disasters covered by emergency support

Disaster Country/Region Date
Severe Storm Viet Nam 17/08/2018
Flood Lao People’s Democratic Republic 24/07/2018
Volcanic Eruption Guatemala 03/06/2018
Severe Storm Haiti 07/09/2017
Flood Sierra Leone 15/08/2017
Flood Nepal 15/08/2017
Flood Sri Lanka 26/05/2017
Severe Storm Dominican Republic 03/10/2016
Flood Nigeria 30/08/2015
Mass Movement Guatemala 01/10/2015
Flood Sri Lanka 25/09/2015
Earthquake Nepal, India, Bangladesh, China 25/04/2015
Severe Storm Vanuatu, Tuvalu 13/03/2015
Forest Fire Dominican Republic 25/07/2014
Flood Serbia, Croatia 14/05/2014
Earthquake Chile 01/04/2014
Flood Jordan, Israel, Lebanon 17/12/2013
Flood Iraq 29/11/2013
Severe Storm Philippines 07/11/2013
Flood India 20/06/2013


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