Launch of the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal Beta

The development of this web portal was an excellent joint effort by a larger community that generously contributed their time and efforts.

We gratefully acknowledge the substantial input in developing the web design and site architecture by the FHP Fachhochschule Potsdam, University of Applied Sciences, Department for Interface-Design (, Stefanie Elsholz, Volker Max Meyer, Mirko Merkel, Dorit Mielke under the supervision of Prof. Frank Heidmann and Prof. Matthias Beyrow (Department of Product Design).

We are also very thankful to Mr. Brian Tomaszewski, Assistant Professor at the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA and Mr. Chris Nicholas, Senior Independent Consultant based in San Francisco, USA for their valuable contributions to the launch of this first beta version.

And finally we acknowledge the great support of our UN-SPIDER interns in Bonn, as well as of the web portal Core Team that was established after the First International UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop. A large group of international scientists and practitioners provided comprehensive assistance and encouragement to establish this portal which is intend to serve as a internationally recognised platform for information and communication bridging the gap between the space and the disaster management communities.

Our thanks go to all of you!

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