The 40th Regional Training on Disaster Management (DMC-40)

ADPC is going to conduct the 40th Regional Training on Disaster Management (DMC-40) on a period of 1-19 November 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand


By completing the DMC, participants will learn how to: 

  • Develop effective strategies and systems for disaster Response and Recovery
  • Integrate disaster response and recovery arrangements with disaster reduction strategies and systems
  • Apply risk manangement processes in order to indentify, assess and deal with disaster risks
  • Utilize an Emergency coordination center to manage disaster events
  • Assess key implementation issues and requirements in Disaster Management


Conducted over a period of 3 weeks, the course is divided into five modules following the flow of the disaster management process.

Module 1: Introduction to Disaster Risk Management

  • Global disaster risk situation
  • Basic concepts and terminologies used in disaster management
  • Introduction to disaster risk management processes
  • Introduction to hazards
  • Hazard, Vulnerability, Capacity and risk assessment

Module 2: Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Disaster and Development
  • Prevention and Mitigation framework
  • Mainstreaming DRR in development planning
  • Disaster risk reduction practices

Module 3: Preparedness Planning

  • Overview of preparedness planning processes and concepts
  • Application of preparedness processes in key areas

Module 4: Emergency Response and Recovery

  • Emergency response management principles and concepts
  • Key response implementation considerations
  • Use of emergency coordination centers
  • Disaster recovery and reconstruction: concepts, prectice and guidelines
  • Damage and Loss estimation in recovery planning

Module 5: Making Disaster Management Work

  • Crosscutting considerations
  • Leadership and management
  • Strategic prespectives
  • Policy, legal and institutional Frameworks
  • Development of personal action plans

Note: The above contents are shown for guidance only. ADPC's ongoing course improvement process may lead to some changes in topic and structure.

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