5th Regional Training Course on GIS for Disaster Risk Management Level I (An Introduction Course)

ITC, AIT and ADPC would like to announce that GIS4DRM-5 was rescheduled due to the political unrest situation in Bangkok, Thailand. The course reschedule from 31 May - 11 June 2010 to 16-27 August 2010.


Nowaday, Geographical Infomaiton System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) have emerged as important tools for effective Disaster Management. Therefor, GIS4DRM-5 course has been designed to enhance the capabilities of manager and technical staff engaged in disaster management by providing concepts and applications of GIS and RS in disaster risk management interventions, and learn to work with digital data and sattelite images which are essential to the better understanding of hazard, vulnerablity and risk from various natural disasters and their mitigations.

For more informatioin, please visit our website at www.adpc.net/gis5


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