Interim Report on GPS-Galileo Cooperation released


After the launch of the U.S.-EU Agreement on GPS-Galileo Cooperation in 2004, Working Group C (WG-C) has continuously been working on promoting cooperation on the design and development of the next generation of civil satellite-based navigation and timing systems.

The recently released Interim Report provides information about the accomplishments of efforts to develop the concept of ARAIM (Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring), which is expected to be the basis for a multi-constellation support for global air navigation.

The Interim Report aims at informing the Global Navigation Satellite System community about the achievements in this field thanks to U.S.-EU cooperation, encouraging comments on the main findings of this report as well as building a broad consensus towards the future standartization of ARAIM at international level.

This cooperation, which has been rendering fruitful results for the GNSS community, will continue its efforts in the future.

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