ESA Call for study proposals: Improving disaster response capacity

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ESA's Integrated and Telecommunications related Applications Department (IAP) launched an open competitive Invitation to Tender (ITT) for Improving Disaster Response Capacity. It calls for feasibility study proposals aiming to satisfy the needs and constraints of the relevant users and other stakeholders and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations through the use of integrated space-based applications and associated services. The specification of such integrated applications and associated services shall employ at least two different types of space assets such as Telecommunications, Earth Observation, and Navigation with existing terrestrial assets.

The study shall also devise suitable mechanisms to enable rapid and guaranteed access to both leased and on-demand satellite communication capabilities. The proposed procedures must incorporate an improved procurement scheme for SatCom capacity and a viable and sustainable governance mechanism to support it.

Furthermore, this effort aims at enhancing international collaboration preferably in cooperation with an international organisation dedicated to the use of space-based assets and applications for disaster management.

It is intended, if successful, to be followed up by a Demonstration Project, in order to eventually establish a sustainable service solution to improve Disaster Response Capacity on a global scale.

The competition closes on 3 October 2012.


Details on the requirements and the application process are available on the IAP website. For further information feel free to contact Dr. Christoph Schultz. Email: christoph.schultz [at] or phone: +31 (0)71-5658210

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