TIEMS Oslo Conference 2012 : Space Weather and Challenges for Modern Society

Event Organisers: 

The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS)

Venue City: 



Grand Hotel


22/10/2012 to 24/10/2012

Language of event: 



TIEMS is an International Expert Network of  Users, Planners, Researchers, Industry, Managers, Response Personnel, Practitioners, Social scientists,  and other Interested Parties within Emergency and Disaster Management.

The Oslo Conference 2012 will focus on increasing the general knowledge of solar storms, space weather and GIC and the possible consequences for different industries and critical infrastructure, and look into reasonable means of protection, and consider possible early warning solutions. The main topics which will be addressed at the conference are:

  • Solar Storms and Space Weather - History and Experiences
  • Stormy Sun - our Current Knowledge
  • Effects on Satellites, Navigation and Telecommunication
  • Predictions of Solar Storms, Warnings, Preparedness Measures and Response
  • Expectations and Effects on Electric Power Supply and Oil and Gas Exploration Activity
  • Industries Preparedness and Protection Measurers
  • A Super Storm - What can happen and how to prepare for and handle it?
  • Authorities Handling Strategies and Contentious Level
  • Society's Ability to Withstand Short and Long Term Shut Down of Critical Infrastructure
  • Future Developments and Expectations
  • Other relevant topics related to Risk and Preparedness Measures
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